10 Useful Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts

Odds are you use Google Chrome as it is the most poplular browser on the planet.  If you do, keyboard shortcuts can dramatically help speed up some of the most frequently used tasks you do while browsing that will allow you to keep your hands on the keyboard and stop reaching for the mouse.

The shortucts we have listed in this article are for Windows users only, and are some of our favorites.  It should be noted that keyboard shortcuts are available for Windows, Mac, and Linux users.  For a full listing of all shortucts available head on over to the official Chrome Shorcuts Page.  OK, lets dig in!

Reopen previously closed tabs  – Ctrl+Shift+t
This shortuct re-opens previously closed tabs in the order that they were closed.  This is helpful in case you accidentally close a tab, or just want to bring back a recently closed tab.  This will also restore your entire browsing session if you left Chrome open and the computer rebooted for any reason.

Open a new tab in Icognito Mode – Ctrl+Shift+n
This shortuct opens a new window in Icognito Mode.  Incognito Mode is a special mode that prevents Chrome from saving cookies that contain your IP address, login details, and other browsing information.  Websites visited in this mode will not show up in you browsing history.  Incognito Mode is also very useful is when you want to visit sites that want you to subscribe to their content, or have an article limit before you need to subscribe (i.e. newspaper sites).  Going incognito usually lets you read for free, especially if you click on a link from a social media site.

Move to the next open tab – Ctrl+Tab
This shortcut will move you to the next open tab to the right.  If you have many open tabs and are on the last one, using this shortuct will bring you to the first tab open.

Move to the next tab to the left – Ctrl+Pg Up
This shortcut will move you to the next open tab to the left.  If you have many open tabs and are on the first one, using this shortuct will bring you to the last tab open.

Open a new tab – Ctrl+t
This shortcut will open a new tab, and jump to it with the cursor in the address bar.

Jump to the address bar – Ctrl+l (that is a lowercase L not an i)
This shortcut will move your cursor to the address bar on the current page that you are viewing.

Bookmark the current page – Ctrl+d
This shortuct will save the current page in your bookmarks.

Print the current page – Ctrl+p
This shortcut will bring up your print dialog box that will allow you to either print the page or save it as a PDF.

Close the active tab – Ctrl+w
This shorcut will close the active tab (the one you are viewing).

Close the current window – Ctrl+Shift+w
This shortcut will close the current window and all of the tabs you have open in it.

Hopefully these shortcuts will make your browsing a bit easier!  If you found these helpful and would lilke additional shortcuts please don’t forget to vist the Chrome Shortcuts Page.