AlphaCare Platinum Business

AlphaCare Platinum – Business


Want the most comprehensive computer monitoring and preventative maintenance program we offer? Our AlphaCare Platinum is just that—and the program includes a brand new computer every 3 years with no additional out of pocket expenses.


Our most comprehensive program.
All for just $75 per month!

Pricing for AlphaCare Platinum (workstations only) follows:

  • A one-time setup fee of $250 includes everything listed below:
    • The system is shipped to our store for initial setup and configuration
    • We remove all trial version and unneeded software (bloatware) from the system
    • We configure and perform all Windows updates (currently there are about 50+ updates to be done on a brand new computer)
    • We install and configure commonly used software such as Java, Flash Player, Adobe Reader, Shockwave, etc
    • We install and configure protection software (antivirus, antispyware, firewall configuration, etc)
    • We install up to 3 additional programs (provided by you) in addition to the protection software (Office, etc)
    • We configure your system for optimal boot time by shutting down unnecessary programs that want to start every time your system does
    • Establish a baseline performance level via hardware testing (tests your brand new hardware for performance issues)
    • We bring the computer to your business and add it to your network/domain
    • We ensure that the computer is communicating with the other components in your network for file and print sharing
    • We install your printer or network printers and ensure that you can print to them
    • We will transfer the data from an old computer/hard drive to the new computer (this is done in our shop)
    • We will configure your email program and import your email, contacts, tasks, and calendar from your old computer/hard drive
    • Data Transfer Service will be performed in-store only, which requires you to bring us your old computer/hard drive

After the initial setup, configuration, and data transfer is done a $75 per month lease fee includes:

  • All security software (currently Vipre Business – Enterprise level antivirus and antispyware)
  • Unlimited support (performed in-store, remotely across the internet, or in your business)
    • Includes but not limited to virus removal should you become infected, Problems with computer in general, Slow or unresponsive programs, Error Messages, Blue Screens
  • Twice a week system cleaning
  • All Microsoft updates (we monitor and patch your system as needed)
  • All non-Microsoft updates (we monitor and patch various programs like Flash Player, Adobe Reader, Java, iTunes, etc)
  • 24/7 system monitoring for hardware related issues
  • 3-Year Accidental Damage Warranty
    • Covers drops, spills, or loss due to fire, flood, theft, etc
    • Covers repair or replacement of any defective hardware during the course of the lease (both parts and labor)
  • Secure offsite unlimited data backup

Every 3 years the computer gets replaced with a brand new computer, and all data and programs are transferred to the new computer with no additional expense to you (the computer being replaced is taken back by us).

Currently the computers we are offering on this program include the following minimum specifications:

  • Brands include but are not limited to Dell, Asus, Toshiba, Gateway and HP
  • Processor – Intel Core i3 processor with a 2.2GHz minimum (speed varies based on model/brand chosen)
  • Operating System – Windows 7 64-bit
  • RAM (Memory) – 4GB
  • Screen Size – 14 or 15.6” High Definition LED Display for Laptops, and 20” screens for desktops
  • Optical Drive – 8X DVD+/- RW
  • Hard Drive – 250GB (most are 500GB)
  • Warranty – 3 Year Unlimited including Accidental Damage