AlphaCare Business

AlphaCare Business


Our AlphaCare Business program is a comprehensive monitoring and proactive maintenance program that provides you with the following benefits for one low monthly fee.  Benefits include but are not limited to:

  • 24/7/365 monitoring of your computers for hardware, software, and other related problems.  Most of the time we are alerted to a problem before you even realize one exists.  We monitor your event logs in real time, and have auto-fired scripts that kick in to remediate problems.  We then get the report on the result of the script to determine if any further remediation is required.
  • Enterprise grade Antivirus and Antispyware protection included.  Protection currently provided by Vipre Business.  We monitor the program on our end and get daily results reports from our console notifying us of anything suspicious found in the latest scan
  • Weekly system cleaning. Twice a week system cleaning removes all the “digital garbage” that builds up on your system during the course of normal use
  • End User Ticketing System allows for your employees to easily reach out to us for requests for support
  • Unlimited remote support. No more limits to how much support you can get, worrying about how much time you have used up. If you need remote support for your network or computers, you got it.
  • On-Site Support as needed.  In the event that an issue cannot be re-mediated remotely we will come to your business.
  • Guaranteed 1 hour response time to requests for help during normal business hours
  • Software patch management. We keep all Microsoft software patched (up to date) as well as some of the most common software installed on most computers such as Adobe Flash Player, Adobe Reader, Java, Firefox, Chrome, Shockwave, and many others
    • A recent study showed that over 90% of all viruses today are caused by unpatched software. Unpatched software leaves security vulnerabilities that a hacker or malicious program can exploit to deliver its payload (virus or other malicious software)
  • We will act as an intermediary between your practice and any third party software vendors to remediate problems with their software.  Any fees incurred by the third party vendors would be paid by you, but it would free your employees to work rather than sit on hold with their tech support
  • Secure unlimited offsite data backup (optional).  This backup service is HIPAA Compliant.

AlphaCare Business Pricing

Pricing is a flat $45 per workstation per month, and $150 per month per server.

Data backup pricing fluctuates from business to business.  A thorough overview of your data backup needs will be assessed to help us determine your specific backup needs.  Pricing would be discussed at that time.

The only other out of pocket fees not covered by the AlphaCare Business program would be the cost of new hardware or computers and the service fee to set them up/install them.

Other Key Points

This truly is an unlimited support program. All of your required maintenance and support are covered under this program with no additional out of pocket expenses. I personally do not like the feeling of being “nickel and dimed” by providers and work hard to make sure that our clients never feel that way.

This is a no-contract program. We are here to be your trusted technology partner. At any time if you no longer wish to utilize the services we have to offer you can cancel with no penalties or fees whatsoever. We are looking to form a long term relationship with you and your practice so we can help you grow and change with the times while staying relevant on the tech side of things.

We also can offer this same package to any of your employees for their personal home computers for $30 per computer per month. The only difference is where servicing is performed. Servicing for our residential clients is all performed remotely only. If an issue cannot be resolved remotely they would have to bring the computer to us so we can work on it in our shop. The servicing in our shop is covered under the monthly fees.

For an even more comprehensive computer monitoring and preventative maintenance program for home computers, check out our AlphaCare Business Platinum program.