Data Backup

Data Backup Part 3: Storage Media Options

Data Backup Part 3:  Storage Media Options

In our continuing series about Building and Effective Data Backup Strategy, today’s article will explore your options when it comes to storing copies of your data on external media.

Part of the 3-2-1 Rule requires that you store copies of your data on two different forms of media.  One copy of your data is the original, which is located on your computer.   When it comes to storing your data on another form of media you have multiple options including:

Data Backup Part 2

Data Backup Part 2: The 3-2-1 Rule

Today we are continuing the series of articles on building an effective data backup strategy.  The last article addressed the shocking facts of how many people still don’t backup their computers, as well as the high costs of data recovery from a defective drive.  We also introduced a data backup concept called the 3-2-1 rule.  As a reminder this means that you should:

  • Have at least three copies of your data.
  • Store the copies on two different forms of media.
  • Keep one backup copy offsite.

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Data Backup Part 1

Building an Effective Data Backup Plan

Think of all the different types of data that you store on your computer – pictures, saved email attachments, word documents, spreadsheets, music, movies, letters, pdf documents and more.  Not to mention important sensitive scanned data such as tax documents, birth certificates, etc.  What would happen if your computer died, or was missing due to fire, flood, theft, or natural disaster?  Do you have a backup of your data that you could put on to a new computer? If your data was kept on an external drive, and that drive died what would you do?

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