With the summer months approaching, we all welcome the warmth that the sun brings.But did you know that room temperatures above 80 degrees can actually decrease the performance of your computers, and possibly damage some of the components of your system? Computers and networking equipment such as routers work optimally when the ambient room temperature is in the low 70’s and below.

We recently had several of our clients experience loss of connection from both the internet and their network. A closer inspection of the problem found that they were keeping their routers on a table in direct sunlight. The added heat was forcing the routers to stop functioning until they would return to safe operating temperatures.

Double check your computers and routers to ensure that they are not in direct sunlight, and if you like to keep your room temperatures in the mid 70’s or higher, position a fan in the room so it blows on your computer equipment to help keep it cool. Keeping your equipment cool will help to expand the life span of your system and peripherals!